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Where do we begin? With the ball dropping over Times Square every New Year’s Eve or opening night on Broadway? The Rangers, Knicks, Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets. Toy fairs, marathons and a giant Snoopy floating high above the cheering crowds of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Positioned at the intersection of culture and commerce, if it’s happening in NYC, it’s happening just moments from The London NYC.

Alexander Hamilton: Striver, Statesman, Scoundrel

With all the press around the musical Hamilton, it's hard to believe that Alexander Hamilton was once a forgotten founding father—never becoming President and not living to see 50. This exhibit, drawn mostly from the library's collection, explores his background: fighting alongside Lafayette during the Revolutionary War, condemning Jefferson's stance on slavery while marrying into one of New York's most prominent slave-owning families and helping develop the fledgling nation's new financial system. Among the highlights on display is a copy of Hamilton's draft of George Washington's Farewell Address, dated August 10, 1796. For more information, visit

But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa

The Guggenheim’s UBS MAP Global Art Initiative was developed with the goal of increasing cross-cultural interaction between audiences, artists and curators through a variety of mediums. The initiative is centered on three regions of the world: Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa. This exhibition, which marks the third installment of the initiative, features photography, installations, sculptures, videos and works on paper from the last of those regions. The pieces been newly acquired for the Guggenheim’s permanent collection. 

Martin Puryear: Big Bling | Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park’s 33rd public art exhibition goes on display this May and comes to the park courtesy of American sculptor Martin Puryear. Big Bling is a 40-foot, multi-tier structure composed of wood that is wrapped in a fine chain-link fence. It is topped off by a gold-leafed shackle and is the largest temporary outdoor structure the artist has ever created. Big Bling’s meaning can be interpreted in different ways, and thus it will serve as a catalyst for readings and conversations surrounding what it stands for.

The Roof Garden Commission: Cornelia Parker at the MET

British artist Cornelia Parker has been selected as the fourth artist to present her installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden. Past installments have been courtesy of Imran Qureshi, Dan Graham with Günther Vogt, and Pierre Huyghe. Parker is known for her large-scale, thought-provoking and sometimes dark works, which will be backdropped by the roof garden's spectacular views of Central Park and the Midtown Manhattan skyline this summer. For more information, visit

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